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iPad Basics – apl-ipad-100-pl

Course #: apl-ipad-100-pl

Price: 20 EUR

Duration: 1 Hours

The iPad Basics course covers the fundamentals of an Apple iPad. It is intended for the beginner user who has little experience using their iPad. Students will learn about the home screen, status bar icons, using gestures, searching on your device, and using your Keyboard. Students will learn how to use dictation, multitasking features, and accessing the control center. Students will explore the use of FaceTime video chats and Text Messages. This step-by-step course will also review apps, the App Store, and re-arranging the apps on your home screen.


Upon completion of the iPad Basics course, students will be able to:
  • Customize their iPad, learn important gestures, and understand how to use FaceTime, Text Message, and dictation.


  • This is a beginner level course.


  • Overview
    • Home button
    • Sleep/Wake
    • Powering on and off.
    • Volume control
  • Gestures
    • Touch tap
    • Swipe
    • Drag
    • Zoom
    • Flick!
  • Home Screen
    • Status bar
    • WiFi
    • Other important screen icons
  • Accessories
    • Cases
    • Screen protection
    • External Keyboard
  • Spotlight Search
    • How to find anything on your device
    • Search for contacts
    • Navigation
  • Apps
    • Editing your apps
    • The App Store
    • Reviewing & 'Getting'
  • FaceTime
    • Screen overview
    • Contacts
    • Tips
  • Text Messages
    • Screen overview
    • Compose
    • Dictate
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