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Migrating to macOS – apl-mac101-000-pl

Course #: apl-mac101-000-pl

Price: 487 EUR

Duration: 4 Hours

In this course, you will examine the similarities and differences between a Windows Operating System and the Mac Operating System. This course examines where to locate and find files, how to alter settings to best suit your needs and an introduction to the Apple version of applications that are similar to those on a Windows Operating System. It will also examine the features of macOS, working with the dock, organizing files, the system preferences, creating pdf’s, selecting and setting the preferences of printers, working with a network and shortcuts for making your transition easier and a comparison between Windows and Mac Terminology.


Upon completion of the Migrating from PC to Mac course, students will be able to:
  • Navigate the Mac interface to located commands and files
  • Create, save and print documents
  • Set system preferences
  • Use Apple-specific features and commands
  • Make use of Mac applications
  • Manage photos on the Mac
  • Locate Apple support information


  • Anyone migrating from a PC platform to a Mac


  • Participants should be familiar with using a Windows Operating System. They should be comfortable using the keyboard and mouse. No previous experience with a Mac Operating System is necessary.


  • macOS Interface
    • The Desktop
    • The Dock
    • Working with the Hard drive
    • Finder View
    • Applications
    • Adding to the Dock
    • Users
    • Organizing your Files
    • Customizing the Finder Sidebar
    • Customizing the Finder Toolbar
    • Toolbar Extras
    • Stacks on the Dock & Desktop
    • Empty the Bin
    • Spotlight
    • File Information
    • Connecting to a Server
    • About your Computer
  • Creating, Saving and Printing Documents
    • Creating a Document
    • Saving, Renaming & Duplicating a Document
    • Printing your Document
    • Creating a PDF
  • Setting Preferences
  • Apple Features
    • QuickLook
    • Screenshots
    • Continuity Camera
    • Mac App Store
    • Siri
  • Comparing Applications
    • Safari vs Chrome
    • Mail vs Outlook
    • Contacts
    • Calendar
    • Pages vs Microsoft Word
    • Numbers vs Microsoft Excel
  • Photos
  • Support
    • Mac Help
    • Shortcuts for macOS
    • Windows vs Mac Terminology
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