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SRE: A Deeper Dive – c110057gwpl

Course #: c110057gwpl

Duration: 0.8 Hours

In this course, you will be introducted to Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) and the difference between the Professional and Associate level roles, as well as key tenets of SRE and how to promote an SRE culture for maximum effectiveness.


Describe Site Reliability Engineering Articulate what SRE is and what a Professional SRE does Define the nine dimensions of IBM Cloud SRE Role Articulate ways to promote SRE Culture Explain roles and responsibilities for SRE Effectiveness


This course is intended for learners who are pursuing professional-level site reliability engineer certification on IBM Cloud.


Topic 1: What is SRE? Topic 2: SRE at the Professional Level Topic 3: Nine Dimensions of the IBM Cloud SRE Role Topic 4: Promoting SRE Culture for Maximum Effectiveness Topic 5: Key Tenets of Site Reliability Engineering

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