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Tables, Data & Networking in iOS (e-Learning) – apl-swift-120-pl

Course #: apl-swift-120-pl

Price: 50 EUR

Duration: 4 Hours

In this TABLES, DATA & NETWORKING IN iOS course you will learn how to work with data in iOS. Data is the key ingredient for any functional application, and one must learn how to properly display it to the user. You will learn how to use tables and collection views to display data to users, and how to use Core Data to build more robust, data-driven applications. Every app must have data. Making web requests is by far the most common thing you will do as an iOS developer. You will learn how to get your apps working with servers and external data. Throughout the course, you will create a ToDo app, including learning how to decode data from a web server as well as how to make POST requests. Some of the things you will learn in this course are:

  • How to create memory-efficient tables and display data in a list
  • How to persist and fetch data
  • How to model data and create database relationships
  • How to decode web server data and make POST requests


Upon completion of the TABLES, DATA & NETWORKING IN iOS course, students will be able to:
  • Work with data in your iOS application
  • Create robust, data-driven applications with persistent data
  • Make your applications work with servers and external data
  • Use APIs and communicate with web servers


  • Anyone who wants to expand their programming knowledge using Swift 5.


  • Some programming experience with Swift5


  • Working with Tables
    • Using delegates
    • Implementing protocols
    • Creating memory-efficient tables
    • Display data in a list
    • Implement UITableView
    • Implement UICollectionView
  • Working with Core Data
    • Modeling data for Core Data
    • Creating Database Relationships
    • Persisting Data
    • Fetching Data
    • Performing Data Updates
  • Network Requests and APIs
    • How APIs Work
    • Making Network Requests
    • Communicating with Web Servers
  • Decoding, Async & POST Requests
    • Synchronous vs Asynchronous
    • Parsing and Decoding JSON from the Server
    • Making POST Requests and Sending Data to a Server
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