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Using InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition V10 – 1z520pl

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Duration: 3 Days

Using InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition v10.1 is an exciting course tailored for those who want to get a jump start on IBM InfoSphere Master Data Management Collaborative Edition. This course is designed to provide not only the essentials of understanding Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) concepts but also covers a breadth of InfoSphere MDM Collaborative Edition feature functions that will leave the student more than equipped to tackle daily responsibilities. Students will explore how to use the newly designed web interface to easily create data objects, items, categories, and other artifacts that will create the master data solution.

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  • Explore Master Data Management (MDM) and Product Information Management (PIM) concepts
  • Discuss PIM and use case scenarios for MDM Collaborative Edition implementations
  • Overview of MDM Collaborative Edition project lifecycle
  • Discuss the MDM Collaborative Edition architecture
  • Exposure to creating MDM Collaborative Edition data objects, attribute definitions, specification, organization, and hierarchies
  • Explore the definition, purpose and function of workflows, and the steps involved in creating a workflow
  • Overview of MDM Collaborative Edition integration capabilities
  • Examine the various stages of a MDMCE implementation


This intermediate course for business analysts, developers, implementation consultants, support engineers, technical sales and marketing individuals, sales and marketing individuals, project managers, and system administrators.


There are no prerequisites for this course.


  • Unit 1: Introduction to MDM
  • Unit 2: MDM Concepts
  • Unit 3: Business Case for MDM Collaborative Edition for PIM
  • Unit 4: Typical PIM Models
  • Unit 5: Implementation Methodology
  • Unit 6: Architecture and Fundamentals of MDM Collaborative Edition
    • Lab Exercises - Starting the MDMCE
  • Unit 7: Data Objects and content modeling
    • Lab Exercises - Creating a new Catalog
  • Unit 8: Attribute Collections and Views
    • Lab Exercises - Attribute Collection and Views
  • Unit 9: Import and Exports
    • Lab Exercises - Import and Export Master Data
  • Unit 10: Advanced Data Object Topics
    • Lab Exercises - Advanced Data Object Concepts
  • Unit 11: Browsing, Searching and Selecting
    • Lab Exercises - Browsing and Searching
  • Unit 12: Security: Organizations, Access Control Groups, and Roles
    • Lab Exercises - Security
  • Unit 13: Workflows
    • Lab Exercises - Workflows
  • Optional MDMCE Case Study

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